Work-Life Consulting

Your best at home, work, and in your community

During her time in corporate America, Beverly Avril unknowingly traded her life for her career. She was deceived into thinking that giving 100% effort towards her career would somehow classify her as a success. This misconception could not be further from the truth.

Lack of balance left Beverly Avril feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Despite being awarded numerous accolades for outstanding performance, Beverly Avril now realizes that she was not present for the things which needed her attention.  Lost outside of her purpose, Beverly Avril was simply existing to satisfy the next deadline or meet the next quota. In the interim, her children were growing and unfortunately, she missed some very important milestones.

After coming to herself, Beverly Avril knew there had to be a better way. Thankfully, she has found the balance to complement her career and personal life, and it feels great!

In an effort to give back and to bring awareness to what appears to be a never-ending cycle, Beverly Avril began partnering with businesses, professionals and fellow entrepreneurs to bring balance to their lives.

Managing work-life balance can be a daunting task for the individuals involved. Business owners feel the pressure of the marketplace and employees feel the overwhelming pressure of meeting deadlines, productivity matrix, and so on. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster and no one wins.

Beverly Avril am here to help!

Imagine finding a healthy place between your work and personal priorities. The balance which encourages career growth and personal fulfillment. A stable place of solace which diffuses the stress, anxiety and guilt associated with being unbalanced.

Seems too good to be true? Well, it's not. More and more employers, professionals and entrepreneurs are seeking work-life balance measures to equal the playing field.

Beverly Avril offers a comprehensive approach to bridging the gap between work and life.  She is so thankful to have partnered with so many to find and maintain their balance. Will you be next? Trust that it's a much happier and productive place.