I Am Beverly Avril

… and my business passion is to connect quality, talented individuals with career opportunities which will empower them to thrive in their careers. God has blessed me with a detail-oriented business mind which enables me to do what I do best, linking people with opportunity.


I believe My Business is Beautiful.

As a self-made business owner, I understand the value of hard work, innovation, creativity, and most importantly, quality talent. Creating a strong and qualified workforce is essential for a business to grow and prosper. My clients have confidence in knowing that the talent that is recommended will produce quality work that will enhance their business models and culture.

I challenge myself to broaden my reach while assisting companies to build relationships and attract top talent.

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I believe people are an invaluable asset.

God and people are the heartbeat of Beverly Avril, LLC. My consulting firm opens the door of opportunity for individuals to find the next step to enhance their career. I believe that all people have a specific purpose and can produce excellence in their work, regardless of their personal background, education, age, or ethnicity.  They just need the right opportunity to showcase their strengths and challenge their weaknesses. My team and I are determined to ensure that the people find the right opportunity.

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My Journey

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Born in St. Thomas, V.I. as the youngest of three children, I was raised in Bronx, N.Y. and now currently reside in Metro Atlanta. God has blessed me with two amazing children who have supported my efforts and taught me how to embrace life moment by moment.  My life goal is to be “Free without Permission” which allows me to live my life in a way that honors God while having fun along the way. I want to live a legacy to inspires people to live their best lives, saying “NO!” to what does not serve them and “YES!” to the opportunities that bring them closer to their dreams.

After years of working in Corporate America, I realized that I was no longer on the path to professional freedom that I had always wanted. My dream was to be a responsible contributor to society, an available mom to my children, and a professional with the ability to earn an uncapped income. Daily I prayed for God’s wisdom and clarity on how to move forward with making my dream a reality. With His help, I developed a mission and a plan which lead me to a much happier place - a place where I have the freedom and ability to use my talents to improve the lives of those who need me.

I am humbled to be the servant leader and am honored to help people find personal and professional freedom. Click here to learn more about my professional consulting services.