Career conversations

with Beverly avril

"Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it."
- Katharine Whitehorn -

Beverly Avril believes each candidate should be proactive in preparing for their career search. She understands that many candidates are not prepared to change careers without the support of a trusted ally.

Since the interview and selection process can be an unnerving and stressful time for everyone involved, Beverly Avril believes there are a few key components which will yield a productive candidate experience.

Beverly Avril provides coaching for candidates seeking assistance with reaching their career goals.

Resume Review

A resume or curriculum vitae (cv) usually serves as the first avenue by which candidates market themselves as a valuable asset to any company seeking a specific skill set.

A clear, well-defined, professionally formatted resume/cv speaks volumes and ultimately contributes to the hiring decision.

Interview Preparation

The phrase, ‘first impressions are lasting impressions’ is especially true in the selection and interview process.

Decision makers are looking for key indicators to determine a candidate fit within their organization, and it is the candidate’s responsibility to prepare and present themselves accordingly.

Beverly Avril is available to assist with Resume Review and Interview Preparation. Investing in your process will provide the necessary tools and coaching to add value, market your skill set, and the preparation needed for successful interviews during the hiring process.

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