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Welcome to my site!

I am Beverly Avril and as an entrepreneur, I possess the freedom to provide unique and innovative solutions for my client's needs.

My success in pairing top talent with opportunities has created a demand for my consulting services across the globe.  During my career, I have partnered with major corporations to place talent to strengthen their workforce from entry-level to senior management.

But my expertise does not end there! I am certainly a creative at heart and I enjoy designing itineraries for the busy professional. That's right! I invested in my interest and acquired my certification as a Travel Professional. So, head over to my Professional Services page to see how I can help!

Talent Acquisition and Travel are two of my favorite interest and I am so thankful to have created such a unique career path which compliments my strengths while providing value to the marketplace. My strengths and talents are truly a win-win for myself and my clients.

This is what I love and what I do best!



For the past twenty years, I have been the go-to for researching and resolving extremely complex situations. The joy I felt after conquering these obstacles fueled my desire to continue in this vein. With a background in psychology, and the keen sense to understand others and their unspoken requests, I am considered a trusted resource in getting the job done. My gifts coupled with solid problem-solving skills and the know how to strategize when it comes to the most complicated problems have encouraged me to create a career path that would align with my natural strengths. My burning desire to win with integrity and honesty has further driven me to provide top-notch services to satisfy my client's needs.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal candidate for your business or the expertise of a trained travel professional - I am here to help.

So, take some time to look around and let's close some great deals together!




Beverly Avril is an exceptional businesswoman who connects with people from the heart, a genuine woman of ethical integrity. Beverly’s warm professional manner coupled with her client management service excellence make her a wise and special choice with whom to conduct business. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Beverly and to wish her continued success professionally and personally.”
— K. Perez