ABOUT beverly avril

Beverly Avril graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her formal education, training, and exposure have afforded her to work with clients from a varied spectrum. Beverly Avril is a champion in her field and is well sought after for her expertise.


my mission

My passion to provide exceptional project management consulting while maintaining the freedom to work remotely has led to the birth of Beverly Avril, LLC - a unique business boutique offering creative resources and strategic support.

As the owner, I am honored to serve businesses with the resources needed to assist with their executive search and project management needs. Beverly Avril, LLC has partnered with local to Fortune 500 companies to successfully place talent to strengthen their workforce. In addition, Beverly Avril, LLC has facilitated project management needed to promote accuracy, efficiency and stability within the workplace. Fortunately, I have developed solid relationships along the way which has allowed me the inroads to assist my clients to resolve pain-points within their company.

Who would have thought that pairing unique passions would yield such success?

My journey to successful entrepreneurship is unlike any other I’ve heard. I credit my business success to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Consistent prayer for wisdom to assist my clients with excellence while delivering outstanding services has been my foundation and mission. Partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals has allowed me to develop a solid network, for which I am truly thankful. My journey has expanded far beyond my city and state, providing business connections and opportunities to collaborate across the globe.

I am humbled to be the servant leader of such an amazing business and I look forward to the continued growth and success to come.


MY story

After years of serving as a professional in traditional settings, what I dreaded the most had become my reality. I was under-valued and expending way too much energy on projects which limited my passion and creativity. I found myself living for the weekends and dreading Mondays. I knew there had to be a better way. I desired the means to be a responsible contributor to society, an available mom, and a professional with the ability to earn an uncapped income. But, how? I did what was expected by completing my degree and working hard. Yet, I could not fathom remaining in the traditional work setting for decades to come in order to be classified as successful. I prayed daily for God's wisdom and clarity on how to move forward, and within time, my vision became clear.

After walking away from my most recent corporate position in 2014, I quickly realized why I was so dissatisfied with the traditional norm. I had traded my freedom and true worth for someone else’s dream. I was fulfilling another person’s calling and not my own. The office politics was real and I had become a slave to those who took credit for my work as I remained in bondage to the very thing I hated that stifled my gifts.

Due to my dissatisfaction with the lack of freedom associated with the corporate setting, I felt drained of my enthusiasm and creativity to thrive in my positions.

I realized that all along what I craved was:

· The freedom and creativity to work from anywhere I chose;

· The ability to connect with clients worldwide;

· The freedom to complete tasks without being micromanaged;

· And, the escape from the restraints of a time clock and hourly wage, not to mention the mandatory overtime associated with a salary.

I wanted my freedom back, and it was up to me to create the change I yearned for while earning a salary conducive to my true worth, rather than predetermined earnings based on the company’s bottom line.

Once I developed a mission and a plan, I found myself in a happier place – a place where I have the freedom and ability to offer my services on my schedule, on agreed upon terms, and at my true worth. I knew in my heart of hearts that I was not alone in this venture. As I connected with other professionals across the globe, I quickly learned that our goals were similar. After carefully partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals, my network provided me the connections and opportunities to grow my business.

During my journey, I have learned to never limit my abilities. Now, my mission and freedom are directly aligned, and I love it!